Doc-OneStop has been established to address the increasing concerns around GP waiting times and the need patients have for convenient and timely healthcare.

Our founding directors, all GPs and pharmacists, have all seen evidence of patients suffering because of delays in accessing treatment, took a decision to develop a service second to none using a combination of traditional medical and internet-based technology, supported by trained technicians.

We are able, we believe, to provide a medical consultation experience comparable with a face to face encounter and will be able to successfully treat over 96% of the cases we encounter first time around.  

According to Pulse magazine, who conducted the survey in 2017 of their GP readers, the average waiting time for a doctors appointment was estimated to be 17 days. With our service you will be able to book online choosing a convenient time and optimum location, usually within 24 hours of booking your appointment.

All of our directors, with the exception of specialist functions such as finance, are practicing healthcare professionals: –

Nick Goldstein is our Managing Director. A pharmacist with over 30 years of experience at a variety of levels within both hospital and community pharmacy, he left a senior management position within Boots to become Superintendent Pharmacist for a pharmacy co-owned by and located within a medical practice before leaving to pursue the establishment of what has become Doc-OneStop. Nick also oversees all of our dispensing services and personnel.

Dr Alexander Man is our Medical Director. A GP in London, he has had a passionate interest in developing an internet-based consultation model for several years. Alex is responsible for our prescribing policies and approach which are, in their turn, driven by and compliant with NICE recommendations.

Both Nick and Alex are practicing healthcare professionals and may well be encountered in the course of your video consultation along with our other pharmacists and doctors.

In addition we have a number of trained technicians who will work with you and the consulting healthcare professional to ensure the technology we use in the course of our consultations is correctly deployed to give you the maximum benefit. Our technicians are: – 

Syeda Hamdani is a pharmacist in her home country of Pakistan and ultimately plans to transfer her registration to the UK. in the meantime she is working as a dispenser, currently following a training course leading to Accredited Checking Technician status. She has accredited training in Basic Life Support and has completed her Care Certificate.

Nela Georgieva is qualified in Bulgaria as a physicians assistant. We don’t have that role in the UK but her knowledge and background makes her the ideal person for this role. Nela has completed accredited training in Basic Life Support and has her Care Certificate. She is currently enrolled as a trainee dispenser

Alex Walker s a qualified dispenser. His background is working in pharmacy operations with the Well pharmacy group. Alex has completed accredited training in Basic Life Support and has his Care Certificate and is currently working through his NVQ3 dispensing course.