How it works

We are a private online GP service provider based at locations to suit you. Available at our York based clinic and participating pharmacies, our aim is to make healthcare accessible and as quick and simple as possible.

We offer convenient and affordable same day online doctor appointments supported by diagnostic tests and supplemented by a range of non-appointment walk-in service, so you can get the care you need at the time you need it – and you won’t always need to see the doctor.

Our healthcare practitioners support the diagnostic process with simple tests that make treatment more efficient providing you with the best possible care. This means we can successfully treat over 96% of the conditions presented to us by capturing the necessary data needed so that the doctor can reach the correct diagnosis. No other online medical provider currently works this way.

Using the same tests, our healthcare practitioners can perform tests and review the results to make sure you receive the right medication without the need to see a doctor.

We also provide a comprehensive range of vaccines, anti-malarial medicines and other preventative medicines not necessarily available to everyone through the NHS. These are available to most people without having to see a doctor.

We operate as a clinic and therefore supply the medication as part of our service. One of the benefits of using Doc-OneStop is that everything is available and supplied from one place. Usually your prescription will be with the dispenser before you leave the consulting room. Medication will usually cost less than the NHS prescription charge but will vary dependent on the item needed.

We will write to your GP, unless otherwise stated by the patient, with a copy of your records to promote better continuity of care.

Our online GP’s are all fully registered as General Practitioners with The General Medical Council and The National Providers List. Visit our About page to find out more about our team.