Talk to a UK based doctor today with same day appointments available 7 days a week and get the care you need when you need it.

Available from participating pharmacies across the UK and from our York based clinic, book a convenient and affordable private online GP appointment and start getting better today.

If necessary, we can prescribe the right medication for you which will be dispensed at your pharmacy or our clinic. We may also refer you if required.

Step 1 – Book an appointment on our website to see a doctor at a time that suits you.

The cost of an appointment with a doctor is £39, plus the cost of any drugs supplied or diagnostic tests. To secure your appointment, you will be asked to pay a deposit of £25*. If this is your first time, you will need to fill in our encrypted online registration form which will be added to your patient record before booking an appointment. We will need to take a copy of your photo-ID so please bring this to your first appointment.

Step 2 – Preliminary tests.

When you arrive, our healthcare practitioner will carry out any appropriate preliminary tests linked to your condition. Your symptoms and any results will be added into your patient record, so they are visible to the prescriber during the consultation.

Step 3 – Your consultation.

During your consultation with a doctor via an encrypted video-link (similar to Skype or FaceTime), a healthcare practitioner will be with you to assist with the various devices that aid the doctor in understanding what may be wrong with you. This might involve using a special stethoscope so the doctor can hear your heart and lung sounds or a special camera so the doctor can easily see into your ears, nose and throat. A consultation typically lasts for 10 minutes; however, this can be longer or shorter depending on your circumstances. We don’t charge extra if we take longer in dealing with your health complaint.

Step 4 – Medications or referrals.

If appropriate the doctor may prescribe medication which will be dispensed by a pharmacy within minutes of your consultation finishing. You will then be charged the remaining balance for your consultation and any tests and medication on top of the deposit you have already paid. Medication will usually cost less than the NHS prescription charge but will vary dependent on the item needed.


Patients can benefit from money-off vouchers, company packages etc. To find out more about these offers, please contact us.

*The deposit is redeemable if you cancel the appointment with more than 12 hours’ notice.