Test n' Treat

Service starts November

Sometimes you feel so ill you just can’t wait. We have put together a range of specific tests for common ailments that mean you can come along at any time during our opening hours, no appointment necessary, and be treated and on your way within minutes.

Because of the way we have structured this service, even though you don’t have to see one of our doctors, the test results are always reviewed by a qualified healthcare practitioner who can determine what treatment is most appropriate.

We will always offer you medication to make you feel more comfortable, and, if the results are positive we will additionally offer you antibiotics or other treatments to try and cure you.

If bad enough we may refer you to a GP, either your own, or we can make you a same-day appointment with one of our doctors.

Conditions suitable for this service are: –

  1. Throat Infection
  2. Urinary Tract Infection
  3. Asthma Exacerbation
  4. Emergency Hormonal Contraception
  5. Oral Contraception Resupply
  6. Chlamydia
  7. Impetigo and other skin conditions
  8. Erectile Dysfunction
  9. Weight Loss
  10. Male Pattern Baldness

However, these are subject to the tests and medication availability.

You will still need to register as a patient with us and therefore you will need to bring some form of photo-ID with you (passport or driving licence preferred) in order to protect your identity from fraud.

Although you don’t need to make an appointment it’s a good idea to call us on 0330 838 9880 first because not every patient is always suitable for every option. We might be able to save you an unnecessary journey or point you towards a better solution.