When  you really need a DocNow!

Our online GP’s are all fully registered as General Practitioners with The General Medical Council and The National Providers List.

Our doctors can successfully treat over 96% of the conditions presenting to us because they are assisted during the consultation by a experienced technician who will capture the necessary data needed so that the doctor can reach the correct diagnosis and provide you with the most effective treatment available. No other online medical provider currently works this way

To book, just call us 0330 838 9880. The technician will ask some brief details about the reason for your call so that he or she can direct you to the most appropriate service that will meet your needs. We will agree with you which of our locations is most convenient for your appointment and then book you in to our next available slot, (which will almost always be the same day), or a different time if that’s more convenient. To save time when you come to us register here

How it Works: –

When you book an appointment you will usually need to pay a deposit within 30 minutes in order to secure your booking however in October we are offering this service FREE as a celebration of our opening. Once you’ve paid you will get a text or email confirming your appointment . Don’t worry, the deposit is fully refundable if you cancel with more than 12 hours notice.

All you need to do then is to go to the location of your appointment at the time agreed. You will be greeted by one of our trained technicians. If this is your first time coming to see us he or she will first register your details on our Electronic Medical Record system.

If this is your first time coming to see us don’t forget to bring a passport or photo-id driving licence with you, we need this to prevent identity fraud and we won’t be able to treat you without! We will take a copy of the document you provide to attach to your medical records.

The technician will again ask you about the reason for you appointment, just to check if your symptoms have developed or changed since you called. If this is your first time the technician will measure your weight and height, may check your blood pressure and may carry out some other tests (e.g. glucose, cholesterol etc) based on the information you have previously provided. This will save time when you are with the doctor!

You will then be taken to your appointment. We use telemedicine technology extensively during our consultations. Whether we are using a stethoscope to hear your lung sounds or an otoscope to look inside your ear, our technician will act as the doctor’s hands, moving the instruments around as instructed by the doctor who will be able to see and hear everything as if in the same room with you.

At the end of the appointment a prescription will be sent to our dispensary. You will be taken to a waiting area whilst the technician prepares your medicine. The cost of prescription will depend upon what it is for however usually we are able to charge less than an NHS prescription would cost, (currently £8.80 per item).

There will be some additional charges to pay for any medicines supplied or any consumables used in tests during the course of your appointment. You will be told about any extra costs before you incur them so that you have the choice whether to go ahead with them or not. The cost of the consultation will be £39 less any discounts you may have

We will always write to your own GP with the outcome from any consultation with you. This is an important safety step to make sure your usual doctor can support you effectively with any follow-up that is required.